November 28, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

How to create presentations that help your team get on the same page and work together so that your business can close more deals. 

Heidi J. Ellsworth meets with CEO of Ingage Dean Curtis in Season 4, Episode 40 of Roofing Road Trips to discuss how Ingage can help bring marketing and sales teams together.  

It’s an age-old problem, bridging the gap between sales and marketing. “Marketing thinks they nailed it with a presentation layout and sales is shaking their head, wondering how marketing even thought this would work. The way Ingage solves this problem is by taking standard presentation pages and allowing them to be combined intosections, which appeases both sales and marketing teams” says Dean. “Whatever steps are in your selling process, we can  organize the presentation in that way. And with rich presentation analytics, you can take the data and better understand  who’s presenting and what they’re presenting.” 

What this means is that you have data to help fill in the gaps of communication that can sometimes happen between marketing and sales. For example, you may identify that  sections one and two of a presentationare well received, but can see that only a few reps were actually able to present sections three or four and work to make the most efficient presentation possible. Ingage makes it easy to see where in your presentation you can trim the fat and what is actually drawing in your customers and performing successfully for your sales team. 

“You will be able to ask much better questions to the sales team when you have data to back up you saying, ‘Hey, we’re noticing a big drop off between section two and section three.’ Now let’s see what’s going on there,” says Dean. “Or maybe notice that the financing slide only gets presented 8% of the time. Okay. What if we put it earlier?” 

This not only helps your team create a more efficient and professional sales presentation, but also helps them close the deal more often. “This ultimately can be used to help coach the team to be their best in presenting the value proposition that you’re trying to present, and of course, closing deals and making more sales,” explains Dean. “It helps you figure out what inefficiencies you may have in order to capitalize on what you can improve.” 

Learn more about Ingage in their RoofersCoffeeShop® directory or visit www.ingage.io. 

Listen to the entire podcast to learn more about sales presentation technology and how you can use the data and metrics offered by Ingage to streamline your sales process.

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