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The name “Boring” refers to a small unincorporated settlement in Oregon’s Clackamas County. A dozen miles southeast of Portland and fourteen miles northeast of Oregon City, it may be found along Oregon Highway 212 in the foothills of the Cascade mountain range.

Boring, Oregon is a bedroom community named for Union soldier and pioneer William Harrison Boring, whose family settled in the region in 1856, a full decade before Oregon became a state.

In 1903, with the construction of an electric rail connection between Portland and Cazadero by the Portland Railway, Light and Power Company, the town was formally platted.

The Springwater Corridor, a rail path that runs from Boring to the Eastbank Esplanade on the Willamette River in southeast Portland, currently makes use of the old railroad corridor. The extinct volcanic field zone that includes the region between Boring and downtown Portland is known as the Boring Lava Field, and it was named after the town.

Boring, with its closeness to the Port of Portland and its wealth of temperate coniferous and evergreen woods, was a major center of the Pacific Northwest’s lumber industry before and during World War I.

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Boring Oregon Boring Oregon

Historical economic drivers in Boring have included forestry, plant nurseries, and farming.

Locations with odd names typically involve Boring.

The towns of Dull, Scotland and Bland, Australia have adopted Boring as their sister cities since 2012.

In 1905, passenger service on an electric trolley that traveled along the railroad route from Portland to Cazadero through Gresham and Boring had already begun. From Boring to Portland, the typical trip took six hours by horse and buggy before the trolley system was built, but now it takes only one hour.

High school students in Boring took the trolley to Gresham or Portland to attend schools, while younger pupils in the neighborhood attended a local school constructed on Richey Road. Following colonization, the region was first populated by primarily German and Swedish immigrants.

The town is frequently featured on lists of peculiar place names due to its odd moniker. Nonetheless, the residents have adopted the moniker “Boring,” and it can be seen in many local businesses, leading to many road signs that may be taken as a joke by visitors. The village’s proponents utilize the catchphrase “The most exciting place to live” to market the community.

After visiting Boring Oregon on a bicycle trip in 2011, Elizabeth Leighton of Aberfeldy, Scotland, that the town be twinned with the nearby village of Dull. Boring agreed to Dull’s request to “pair” their cities in June 2012 so that they could use a play on their names to boost tourism in both locations.



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