October 27, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

By Alec Doniger. 

Vent pipes that penetrate roofs are commonly subject to failure. Changing your pipe collar is the answer for preventing this. 

When you seal a vent pipe to a roof, it is crucial that the installation is performed correctly. If it isn’t, the roof will leak, and the owner may not discover the leak until it’s too late. Mold and mildew will form, and water damage may even affect the structural integrity of the house. Years could go by before the homeowners even knows that damage has been done. By then, the roof will need repair and so will the internal damage. You can avoid these problems beforehand with Wil-Mar Pipe Collars. 

Wil-Mar makes their pipe collars with EPDM that is specifically designed to be tough against severe weather. Other rubber pipe collars fail, often due to deterioration when faced with inclement weather conditions. Wil-Mar Pipe Collars, by contrast, are made of an “EPDM rubber compound that meets ASTM D-2000 Standards for hi-lo temperature, oil, ozone and sunlight resistance.”  This makes for a durable and weatherproof collar that will last for years.  

Once the vent pipe is sealed to the roof with flashing, the Pipe Collar offers a second form of protection. It is very easy to install. Just slip the collar over the pipe and push it down. This forms a seal between the pipe and the flashing. Since the collar is installed on the pipe, and not the flashing, you won’t need tape or other weak forms of adhesive to protect your roof from leakages. This Pipe Collar is much easier and more effective. 

The next time you install a vent pipe to a roof, plan for the future, and use Wil-Mar Pipe Collars. Your clients will be happy to avoid the headaches that come with using a faulty one. Save time and money with Wil-Mar. 

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