John Stortz and Sons High Soldering Bar

By Cass Jacoby.  

John Stortz & Son offers the soldering bars you need to professionally join together metal seams to be watertight. 

Soldering is the technique of joining two metals together using an alloy. Soldering is a skill that takes time to develop, it requires practice to seam together metal like a seasoned professional. That being said, with the right tools, the soldering process is easy to learn. That is right! Your seam might not look pretty when you first start out, but almost anyone can solder well enough to keep water out when they have the right tools.  

Bar solder and soldering accessories are invaluable to the sheet metal roofer. Solder is a low melting alloy that is used to join two pieces of metal together. Luckily, John Stortz & Son offers exactly what you need to get the job done professionally. They sell solder that is made only from premium, virgin metals such as lead and tin that have been formulated for minimal oxidation for a beautiful and durable sealed seams that are best suited to stand up to the elements. They offer the following bar solder: 

50/50 Tin-Lead Bar Solder. This bar solder is perfect for flat lock, soldered roofing, as well as general all-purpose roof soldering.  

Additionally, they sell a 50 lb box. Use this form to request a quote on quantity discounts. 

60/40 Tin-Lead Bar Solder. This solder is a great choice for working with lead-coated materials. With a 60% tin/ 40% lead composition, the higher tin content leads to a higher tensile strength than the 50/50 solder.  

Lead Free Bar Solder – SN100-C.  This is a low cost, lead-free alloy for smoother solder joints with no visible shrinkage effects and excellent through-hole penetration and topside filet. This bar solder features a near eutectic allow melting point of 572°F and a low dissolution of copper from boards and components into a solder pot. 

50/50 Tin-Lead – Solder Spool. This 50/50 lead/tin solder wire on a spool is best for flat-lock soldered seam roofs and for getting into tight spaces or light jobs. The spool is east to handle and throw in your tool bag for light jobs.

Check out the solder that John Stortz & Son have in stock! 

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