October 17, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.

By Cass Jacoby. 

This thin film technology is providing modified bitumen with a level of solar reflectance contractors and building owners alike love.  

In a Roofing Road Trips Episode, Heidi J. Ellsworth travels across the country to Florida to visit Polyglass Commercial System Specialist David Edwards. A cool roof leader, Polyglass is known for their Kool Roof Coatings, and in particular the Polyfresco products. What makes Polyfresco technology so exciting is the thin film that’s placed on top of it — CURE technology. 

“CURE itself is an acronym that stands for Ceramic micro spheres, Ultraviolet stabilizers, Resins and Environmentally friendly,” says David. “When it’s placed on top of one of our modified rolls, that’s our Polyfresko rolls, you get minimal staining on the surface because of this thin film that’s applied across the granule.” This kind of reduced staining property is what gives the membrane such phenomenal reflectivity.   

These membranes stay just as reflective three years later as they were when they were installed.  “When it comes to Polyglass and Polyfresko, the numbers, the initial SRI and the three-year SRI, exceeds every other modified bright white cap on the marketplace today,” says David. “Our initial SRI and three-year SRI also surpasses more than half of the single-plies on the market. And this is so vital for the industry, because people want the benefits associated with modifieds, the redundancy that comes with it, the durability that comes with it, but they were turning to single-plies at one point in order to get the reflectivity that they desired.” 

It is not only contractors who are ecstatic about the reflectivity that this film helps offer to modified bitumen, but building owners as well who are benefitting from the enhanced energy savings to the buildings and the low maintenance that comes with CURE technology. “It significantly resists discoloration, and it maintains its integrity because of the stem film technology,” says David. “So as far as maintaining the roof goes, this can also benefit the building owner as well, as they obviously care for the roof over the life of it.” 

Learn more about Polyglass in their RoofersCoffeeShop® Directory or visit polyglass.us

Listen to the podcast to learn more about Polyfresco products, CURE technology and other roofing innovations from Polyglass. 

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