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By JobNimbus. 

Take your company to the next level by using these effective roofing sales techniques to bring in more customers. 

Looking to up your roofing sales strategy game? JobNimbus knows that sales is a tough profession that takes a lot of time and effort to learn, which is why they has curated the best ways to set up your sales pitch so you can knock it out of the park. Whether you are selling a new roof or a maintenance check, follow these techniques to help you prep for the pitch like a pro. 

Prep for the pitch 

1 – Learn Closing Techniques 

You must learn how to properly close a deal. There are several effective strategies, so pick one that works with your personality and the buyers’ interests. Here are a few closing strategies you can use: 

  • Make a time sensitive offer. Ex. “I can give you 10% off your service if you sign today.” 

  • Summarize the benefits of the product/service.Ex. “This product lasts 5 years longer and provides better insulation.” 

  • Offer a free add-on with no strings attached. Ex. “We’re so excited to work with you to install the perfect roof for your home that we’ll give you a free one-time roof inspection.” 

  • Show your prospect a visual of what you offer. Ex. Bring different types of shingles or photos of past jobs 

  • Ask a question that assumes the deal is done. Ex. “When would be a good time for our team to come for an initial inspection?” 

  • Suggest a day to finalize the deal.Ex. “Why don’t we finish signing on Wednesday, so our roofers can inspect your property before the weekend?” 

  • Cover (several) pros and (a few) cons to choosing your services. Ex. “Yes, our roofing prices are slightly higher than our competitors’ costs. But we offer the highest quality shingles, a 10-year warranty, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you prevent costly repairs later on.” 

  • Ask them to rank how likely they are to use your services. Ex. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to choose our roofing service? What would push your answer to a 10?” 

2 – Get to know your roofing business 

The more you know about your roofing company, the better you can sell. Make sure you do an in-depth analysis of the roofing business you work for. Take a look at your company’s expertise, awards or certifications, and any other factors that make you stand out from the rest of your competition. 

Some of the things that you might want to know include: 

3 – Gain roofing product knowledge 

Studying your roof product is a surefire way to successfully close more sales. Have answers to questions that people might ask about your product. The key is to be fluent in your field. 

Take the time to learn more about your roofing product. Consider: 

  • How does it stand out from your competitors? 

  • What details make a huge difference? 

  • Get hands-on experience with your product or watch someone perform the service. 

  • Talk to your coworkers about what your product has to offer. 

  • Research the roofing industry to see how your products fit into the bigger picture. According to a survey by IRC Sales Solutions, most sales reps average about 11% of their time reading industry news

4 – Research your buyer 

Researching your buyer will give you unbeatable insights into their roofing needs. 

Look at customer: 

  • Demographics. 

  • Motivations. 

If you don’t have buyer information, consider making a survey or doing interviews with past customers. 

What is your buyer looking for? What solution do you provide to their roof problem? 

Tailor your product to your potential customers, and they’ll understand exactly what you offer. 

5 – Get organized 

Do you ever feel like you’re asking homeowners the same questions about their roof over and over? Have you ever called up your customer to ask them if they have a copy of their roofing contract? 

Whether you’re dialing for dollars or walking the soles off your shoes going door to door, you need to be organized. 

That’s where roofing software comes in. 

A software keeps an active database of potential customers and helps you navigate relevant information. You can connect all the roof job, payment, and material order information to individual customer files. Then your customer files are in one easy-to-access place. 

For example, JobNimbus has a form builder you can use to make consistent forms. Create a proposal inspection form with checklists and dropdowns for your team to add a photo, damage type and notes, date of loss, shingle type, roof measurements, and how the customer will pay. Once you have your form ready, your field team can fill it out and get all the information you need on the first trip to the site. 

The right customer relationship manager (CRM) makes you infinitely more effective and can improve sales in four key ways. 

Lead your roofing company to success with a solid roofing sales process 

Sales is a tough profession. It takes a lot of effort and time to learn, but it gets easier when you focus on helping your client and responding to their needs. Whether you’re selling new roofs or roofing maintenance checks, taking the right steps will help you close more sales. How are you going to try out these roofing sales techniques? What other roofing sales strategies do you use? 

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