October 13, 2022 at 6:00 a.m.

By ABC Supply. 

Banging your head against the wall trying to engage Generation Z in the construction industry? Here is the secret to getting younger generations interested in roofing. 

It is official! The kids of yesteryear are now full-fledged adults, ready to join the workforce. They really do grow up fast. As the older members of Gen Z — anyone born from 1997 to 2012 — are looking for work, it is wise to ask yourself how you’re drawing in the next generation of workers to your company. While stereotyping generations might lead you to believe you need a hip new tech plan or bean bag chairs, the reality is that these young workers are looking to build a successful career in construction, which is one hundred percent in your company’s wheelhouse. Learn four tips from ABC Supply on how to recruit new members to your team and build a future for the industry. 

1 – Offer career development opportunities 

Zoomers are generally more career-focused and entrepreneurial in their mindset than their millennial counterparts. They want to learn new skills in addition to the ones that may already come naturally to them, and they yearn for ownership over their lives. Construction careers tend to offer more individual autonomy than many other industries, so recruiters should be sure to highlight the benefits of the freedom that can be found in the construction sector. Offering performance-based incentives rather than tenure-based incentives is also a great way to encourage engagement. 

Many people believe that the only way to secure a successful future is by attending college first, so there is added stigma to overcome around joining trades. It is important to help this generation understand the industry is thriving and full of opportunities to succeed and create lifelong careers. 

A clear career path filled with development opportunities could go a long way in bringing in fresh talent. Consider partnering with professional associations like the American Council for Construction Education or Associated Builders and Contractors to help your team advance their careers. 

Quick tip: Give applicants plenty of growth opportunities, so they know they have a chance to advance in the roofing industry. 

2 – Embrace technology, both for recruitment and for a stronger company 

Gen Z workers were practically born with technology at their fingertips. That means you’ll have to meet them where they are — online. Post industry insights and job openings online to attract new members to your team. Even though most construction work is more manual than virtual, teams will need to adapt and welcome technology to maximize their recruitment. 

Technological tools don’t just have to be used for recruiting purposes — empowering Zoomers to explore technology solutions that solve construction industry challenges is a great way to build their trust while potentially improving your business practices. For example, ABC Supply offers myABCsupply, an online platform that makes it possible to check delivery status, place product orders and find the nearest ABC Supply location in seconds. 

Quick tip: Connect with prospective employees on social media. 

3 – Competitive pay and open conversations are critical 

Generation Z values the stability that comes with a good income. They were raised by Gen X parents who have seen their fair share of crises, like the housing market crash and the Great Recession, which have fueled their need for financial security

Their focus on salary doesn’t come from a place of privilege — they’ve grown up in unstable times, so they crave more traditional perks like good pay and reliable health insurance. Employers in the roofing industry can address the need for financial security by making sure they are paying associates competitive wages. Having open conversations about salaries, their potential growth and the industry context behind them may help Gen Z feel like the position is stable and worth keeping. The transparency in openly discussing pay changes humanizes the boss-employee relationship, shows job stability and is as important as the actual dollar amounts being presented to Gen Z applicants. 

Quick tip: Offer a competitive salary and benefits to get Gen Zers on board. 

4 – Start early 

A dramatic shift in mindset when it comes to education can be beneficial for contracting and construction jobs. Sixty-one percent of Zoomers believe they should only attend college if they know what they want to pursue. This opens up opportunities for early recruitment from businesses in trade industries. 

For the construction industry specifically, starting recruitment early through school partnerships could bring awareness to the field and ensure applicants have the skills they will need on the job. 

Quick tip: Recruit future associates as early as high school. 

More than recent generations, Generation Z is all about career and financial stability above all else. They don’t want to stop growing and want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. 

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