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By Caroline Gilbert, Angi. 

The Angi Super Service Award can go a long way in differentiating your business and building your reputation. 

There is more to winning an industry award than getting bragging rights. This level of recognition can boost staff morale, build customer trust, set your company apart and effectively market for business, ultimately helping you take your company to the next level. That is why the Angi Super Service Award exists, to give those leading the industry the benefits that come with excellence.  

This award is granted to top-rated service professionals in the Angi network, and was created to recognize the professionals who exemplify exceptional quality, service, and value to their customers. The Angi Super Service Award is widely recognized by consumers as a sign of outstanding service. This award replaced the Best of HomeAdvisor, which pros qualified for in the past, making the Angi Super Service Award the premier industry award. 

To qualify, you must be an active Angi member for at least six months, have zero customer complaints, maintain an average rating of 4+ stars, and receive at least three new reviews in the last six months (see full requirements).  

And it’s worth the effort, says Kathy Cuppy, Angi pro and owner of All Phase Group, Inc. “It is marketing at its finest and a significant keystone in our overall business model.” 

Angi super service award benefits  

Angi winners stand out, attract & retain talent, earn more and find more ways to connect with their customers. 

1 – Market your business and set yourself apart from the competition  

Pros who win the Super Service Award receive a badge they can display on their profile page and use for their own marketing.  

Gary Martinis of Home Exteriors, Roofing, Siding and Windows in Northfield, Ohio, showcases the Super Service awards he’s won on his website to build trust with customers.  

Customers are online these days, says Martinis, and you have to meet them where they are to build your brand visibility. Good reviews drive sales—and so do industry accolades.  

“The fact that you’ve been vetted doing great work cements you as a lead contractor. It takes away any doubts the homeowners may have about hiring the right contractor,” says Martinis. “My salesmen work hard to maintain the badge because the distinction helps them sell their jobs.” 

Patrick Miller of Miller Construction in Minneapolis, MN has also received the Super Service Award multiple years in a row. Miller says he displays the award on his website and has a prominent decal on the front door of his storefront to let local customers know he’s a trusted resource for their projects. As a result of his efforts, he is more competitive than the companies in his area.  

 “A lot of companies in our area sell the same products or do the same service, but the Angi Super Service Award separates us from other companies and makes us unique. If we don’t get the Angi Super Service Award, we’re dead in the water.”  

2 – Earn more  

In the days of high customer demand for home improvement projects and full backlogs, the Angi Super Service award can even help you earn more per project, allowing you to focus on fewer projects to reach the same revenue goals. 

Brian Ashpaugh of Ashpaugh Electric LLC explains how the award helps him earn more.  

“Angi homeowners are not looking for the cheapest price; they are looking for the best value,” explains Ashpaugh. “Our Angi reviews and badges speak volumes, and potential clients are always willing to pay more to get this value.” 

3 – Recruit and retain happy employees  

Awards are good for more than just attracting customers—they’re also a great way to recruit quality employees and keep them motivated to stay.  

According to Dave Molloy of Molloy Roofing, potential new hires will read all there is to know about your business before applying—and companies who win awards are more desirable to work for than those who don’t.  

“For employees, everyone wants to be part of a winning team. There aren’t that many places where craftsmen can be recognized or honored for their skill,” says Molloy.  

You can also use awards to congratulate employees on a job well done. Seeing hard work pay off is a great way to boost team morale and encourage employees to stick around.  

“When people ask where you work, you want to be able to feel good about the place,” says Molloy. “The Angi Super Service Award is one of those things that helps you feel good. My employees take pride in that; they want to work at a place that is special and has a good reputation.” 

4 – Connect with your customers  

Winning the Super Service Award gives you another reason to connect with your customers—and sharing the good news is a sure-fire way to keep your company top of mind when they’re ready to hire for their next project or give a referral.  

Announce your award in a post on social media, send it out via email, and issue a press release to your local paper. Not only is announcing your award a great way to enhance your marketing efforts, but it also lets your customers know who they should hire for their next job.  

“Homeowners know they can trust Angi and the highly recommended and vetted contractors on Angi,” says Ashpaugh. “Potential clients look for the badge and the amount of reviews we have. It establishes a real level of commitment to our potential clients.” 

Beyond the awards  

According to Ashpaugh and Cuppy, just winning awards isn’t enough. If you want your business to be successful, it’s important to operate in a way that builds customer trust.  

“We work hard to under promise and over deliver,” says Ashbaugh. “Our clients review us on results, not good intentions.”  

Ashbaugh explains how communication is key to serving his clients with the most value. He explains how Angi helps facilitate great communication, which helps him better serve his clients.  

“Angi’s review platform is a great communication platform; it gives homeowners a forum to tell me if they don’t feel they got the value they should have for the service. I can then immediately get involved and find out why. Angi provides a real way to be graded by the clients you serve, which is really all that matters,” Ashpaugh says.  

Cuppy agrees. She feels that communication and excellent service make all the difference when it comes to providing a great experience for your customers.  

“Customer satisfaction is #1 at our company,” she says. “And in the end, that’s what positive reviews are made of. “ 

Will your business qualify for the super service award? 

The Super Service Award is automatically awarded in early February to pros who meet the eligibility criteria. A press release and communications are released to homeowners to bring attention to the new winners while they start planning their yearly projects. 

Stand out from the competition and get more customers with the Angi Super Service Award. Increase your chances of winning by requesting a review today

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