November 22, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

By Breakthrough Academy. 

Discover how to interview for the top traits all good managers have so you can have the people you need to lead divisions, initiatives and small teams.

While this may be plainly obvious to you, what is less clear is how to assess whether or not someone has what it takes to step to the plate and be a driving force in your business.

What traits do you interview for before making someone a general manager, site supervisor or crew leader…or some other leader within? 

In this episode, Igor and I tackle this question, having completed north of a thousand interviews for a multitude of leadership roles. 

We talk about: 

  • The specific questions you need to ask during an interview to assess someone’s ability to lead.  

  • How to ask questions the interviewee can’t BS their way through. 

  • What’s at stake if you hire someone without the three characteristics.  

  • Examples of people who lack these traits and how they will show up on the jobsite.  

  • The difference between which traits you can train vs which ones you can’t. 

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About Breakthrough Academy (BTA)  

Breakthrough Academy (BTA) helps contractors build profitable and efficient companies through proven processes, coaching, and community networking. We are currently working with over 300 business owners across North America, managing over $900 million worth of revenue. 

In 2020, BTA was ranked as Canada’s 106th fastest growing company by The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business; the third consecutive year on a growth list for the brand (32nd in 2019, 16th in 2018).

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