Fence installation 3 Extremely Unique Backyard Fence Designs

Over the years, backyard fences have evolved from just boundaries used to separate and identify properties to more complex and carefully designed pieces of art that add to a home’s aesthetic. A backyard fence can either add or take away beauty from home, as well as the value of your property, depending on the design and material. If you have wondered how can I sell my house quickly, consider renovating your backyard and adding a unique fence. There is a design out there for every homeowner.

Due to the evolution of design and technology, better fencing materials have come up, and now, it is much easier to build a fence that will provide both protection and beauty to a home. Here are a few highly unique designs of backyard fences you might want to look into.

  1. Wooden Fencing

Depending on how you cut and shape it, wood can be used to produce some of the most intricate fence designs. Whether you’re going for an ordinary backyard fence or a privacy backyard fence design, wood can handle it. There are different styles to choose from with wood fencing, such as:

  • Dogeared
  • Picket
  • Flat top
  • Lattice top
  • Scallop
  • Rail

You can create different looks with wood, from an elegant birdhouse look to a sophisticated ultramodern look, depending on what you want. Wood is also a forgiving material that is easily repairable and looks fantastic, especially when painted.

  1. Living Fences

If you love plants, then you can also opt to grow your fence. Some plants are good at hedging and make for good backyard fences. As plants grow, you get to trim and cut them into different shapes to produce the hedge you want. They can add to the natural look of your home while still providing security and privacy at the same time. Some plants that make for good hedging plants include:

  • Leylandii
  • Privet
  • Boxwood
  • Bamboo
  • Arborvitae

An excellent tip for fencing with plants is to select a fast-growing plant, such as Leylandii-Green, which grows approximately 90 centimeters in one year.

  1. Wrought iron Fencing

Wrought iron is another one of those materials that can let you play around with different elements to create a fence that both stands out and provides security. Although wrought iron fences are a bit common, you can use them to produce spectacular backyard fences. A wrought iron fence can also give your property that artful industrial age looks, so if that is the theme you’re going for, it world just perfectly.

There are several design options when working with a wrong iron fence, from thick, plain, and vertical metal posts to ornately carved balusters. When done right, an iron fence can last a very long time. You can also combine wrought iron fencing with a live hedge that intertwines between the fence posts to make it look even more unique.


There are many other budget-friendly fencing options to go for, such as chicken wire and chain link, but those do not offer as much flexibility in terms of design as the ones discussed above. Wrought iron fencing, in particular, can be pretty costly if you have a large backyard, the end goal is worth the cost. Having a pet can also influence the choice of fence you need. Doing your research before settling on a design is important. Whether you’re fencing for privacy, security, or just for beauty, I am sure these designs can provide all that and more. 

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