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The Portland International Airport is getting a $2 billion makeover that will significantly alter its appearance and functionality.

PDX will be sleek, contemporary, and designed for the next generation of air travel in a few years.

According to Vince Granato of PDX NEXT, “it’s actually meant to move us into the future.” “We required better seismic resistance and extra capacity.” In the terminal, we required more scalability.”

Travelers will be met with a park-like setting filled with real trees, ferns, and light spilling in from the glass outer walls and skylights overhead when the new terminal is finished in 2025, according to the Port of Portland.

The skylights are part of a new $100 million wood beam roof being built near the terminal on the airfield. The almost 400,000-square-foot roof, which is composed of Northwest materials, adds architectural “wow” element to the facility.

“We’re going to unzip it into 20 distinct portions and drive all 20 sections across the airfield and install them independently over the course of a few months,” Hoffman Skanska’s Katrina Day said.

Over 600 people are employed by the combined projects. Security enhancements, allowances for future health screening procedures, and technological advancements such as improved Wi-Fi are among them.

To accommodate the restaurants and businesses that visitors to PDX enjoy, a new, larger marketplace is being constructed. Those stores are now closed, but will reopen in the near future.

The airlines are footing the majority of the $2 billion price to upgrade an airport that routinely ranks among the finest in the country according to travelers.

Prior to the pandemic, PDX handled nearly 20 million passengers annually. Currently, the population stands at over 15,000,000. The Port of Portland, on the other hand, anticipates passenger numbers to exceed 35 million by 2045. The terminal upgrades and expansion account for that growth, propelling PDX forward.

Despite the development, the Port maintained that airport operations will go on as usual.

Don’t worry: the classic airport carpet is still present in the new design, allowing you to snap foot selfies…


According To PDX NEXT we have a Jem taking shape.

PDX Airport terminal from above

Let’s begin our tour of the new designs with some levitation: The west side of the finished new main terminal may be seen from this eastward vantage point. “When people look at this, the curve of the roof is certainly the thing that leaps out the most,” explains Rena Simon, a designer at ZGF. “And it all started with thinking about the enormity of this terminal and wanted it to seem like a succession of rooms rather than one enormous area.” As a result, even as the rooms become more big and versatile, the designers are careful to maintain the small PDX vibe.


A Closer Look At The Behemoth Timbers & Lattice Work

New_Main_PDX Terminal_Exterior

Next, let’s take a closer look at the terminal’s west side. The mass-timber roof is seen here, with a lattice design influenced by local weaving traditions and made from sustainably obtained timbers. Every lattice piece will be able to be traced back to its source forest – a love letter to the modest families, Pacific Northwest tribes, and other landowners who helped fund the project. Even in such a large room, you might imagine yourself enjoying Willamette Valley wine in the top mezzanine or lounging with your children on the bottom level’s cozy seats. “This really highlights how we divide down this enormous area into bits that don’t seem oppressive,” Christian explains. “That’s why I prefer the forest analogy: you may feel little in the presence of a towering Douglas fir, but the layers of the forest canopy put you at peace.”

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