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Learn about how to perfect your pitch so that  

Looking to up your roofing sales strategy? JobNimbus knows that sales is a tough profession that takes a lot of time and effort to learn, which is why they have brainstormed some strategies to improve your sales pitch. Whether you are selling a new roof or a maintenance check, follow these techniques to help you close more sales. 

1 – Sell when people are home 

If people are all at work, then there’s no sense in beating down doors. Unless, of course, you’re into low margins. Not that knocking on doors during the day is a complete waste of your time; you can find some people at home. But, you do have a greater chance of finding decision-makers at home in the afternoon and evening. 

2 – Clean up your act 

What separates the sales newbies from the experts is the first impression: your professional image. Everything from your clothes to your behavior and the music coming from your work truck immediately sets the foundation for your interaction. Make sure you smell good, look good, and keep an eye on your language. 

3 – Be genuine 

Although you do want to be on good behavior, be real. In essence, you truly are selling yourself and not just the product. Reveal a little background about yourself, like how long you’ve been working in the roofing industry. Don’t be afraid to talk about your hobbies and history with the company. 

4 – Be confident 

Show up with confidence. No one wants to buy from someone who seems unsure of the product or themselves. If you’re looking to boost your confidence, try some of these tips: 

5 – Educate, but don’t hard sell 

Chances are, your customer doesn’t know as much about roofing as you do. Your job is to display the reasons they could benefit from your service, not the product itself. Focus on why a new or repaired roof is vital to the customer. Help them see how it affects their home value and safety. Don’t forget to explain how the roofing replacement process works. But don’t push the customer. Remember, about 56% of your market just isn’t ready to buy yet. Give them time to warm up to what you’re offering. 

6 – Listen to your client’s needs 

You don’t want to do all the talking. Spend time listening and getting the customer to share their concerns. Only then you can solve their problems and explain how your services can help. Your customers will tell you what they need, and it is your job to customize your sales pitch to match them. 

When they vocalize a problem they’ve been facing, offer an effective solution. Even if you’ve heard the same problems before, every customer is different and requires individual help. Remember, this is their home you’re talking about. This is the single largest investment they have made. Take interest in them and their home. It will go a long way for you. 

7 – Explain how your products are different 

One of the most effective ways to close your sale is to prove why you are better than your competitors. According to a survey by several roofing contractors, 76% of homeowners chose the salesperson who discussed how their products and services compare to their competitors’. Everyone is looking for the highest quality products; your job is to use this time to prove why customers should hire you and not another roofing business. 

8 – Bring several roofing options 

It’s a proven fact: customers are more interested in buying from salespeople if they can see the products live. Bring multiple roofing shingle options to help your potential customers see what you’re talking about. The more options you bring, the more likely you are to close on the sale. 

How to sell roof maintenance checks 

Selling roof maintenance checks can be a little more complicated than selling a new roof. But maintenance checks can increase profit, improve your bottom line, build customer relations, and eliminate competition. As every roofing salesperson knows, selling a service is hard. So how do you sell roof maintenance checks specifically? The key is to explain the value and help your customers understand the service. Let’s break it down. 

9 – Highlight value 

Roofing can be expensive, but explaining the value to a customer helps them see why it’s worth it. To demonstrate the value of your service, mention that: 

  • Small fixes in maintenance checks cost less than fixing big damages later on 

  • Available warranties will protect their investment 

  • Financing helps break up the cost of the roof check 

  • Proactively maintained roofs last an average of eight years longer than those that aren’t 

10 – Provide insights 

Roofing maintenance checks will make more sense to customers once they know the purpose. During your sales pitch, take the opportunity to point out what you look for in a roof maintenance check. Explain some causes of common types of damage and point out signs the customer should look for in the future. Customers appreciate the information, and the more they understand, the more they’ll know why they need you to fix it. 

Lead your roofing company to success with a solid roofing sales process 

Sales is a tough profession. It takes a lot of effort and time to learn, but it gets easier when you focus on helping your client and responding to their needs. Whether you’re selling new roofs or roofing maintenance checks, taking the right steps will help you close more sales. How are you going to try out these roofing sales techniques? What other roofing sales strategies do you use? 

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